The Centro Habana area of the 2 guest houses

The area of the 2 guest houses Alta Mar and El Mirador  is called Centro Habana, as it is located in the heart of the capital at equal distance of the eastern area called Old Habana and the western area called Vedado. They are both located very close to the center of the Malecón Avenue. Guests can thus easily reach the areas of Habana Vieja or Vedado (Coppelia square near the Hotel Habana Libre, Hotel Nacional) at a walking distance of 15-20 minutes.

The area of Centro Habana developed in the nineteenth century while the Habana population found itself cramped within its walls. Although it is not yet renovated, Centro Habana area is charming and has a variety of old buildings where many families are still living. In fact this area is one of the most animated and most popular area of Habana (with the dominos and baseball players).

The biggest attraction of the Centro Habana area is the Malecón promenade. It is a dike that protects the city from the sea on an 8 km long avenue from the Old Habana area to the Vedado area. The old waterfront buildings painted in different colors contributed the Malecón to be classified as World Heritage of humanity by the UNESCO in 1982. Many famous movies and postcards are refering to it (like “Buena Vista Social Club” from the director Wim Wenders) because the Malecón is the meeting place for lovers, the benchmark of single and melancholy hearts, the favorite site for salsa dancers and singers.

In this area of the Malecón (of the 2 guest houses) can be heard every night at 21h the big cannon of San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, built by the Spanish in 1775. At that time the cannon announced at the end of the day, the closing of the city gates and of the chain that was blocking the port channel.

The great impasse of Hamel (Callejón de Hamel) is completely decorated by paintings and works of self-taught artist Salvador González Escalona, santero inspired by Dali, Miro and Picasso, muralist painter and sculptor. Every Sunday from 12h to 15h there is free entertainment of Afro-Cuban dances.

At a walking distance (10-20 minutes) from our 2 guest houses there are places of interest such as:

  • Museum of the Revolution (Museo de la Revólucion)
  • National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba)
  • Gran Teatro de La Habana
  • National Cabaret
  • Prado Promenade (Paseo del Prado)
  • Capitol of Habana
  • Central Park and brotherhood park (Parque Central y Parque de la Fraternidad)
  • Music House of Galiano (Casa de la Música de Galiano)
  • Rumba Palace (Palacio de la Rumba)

Get out and eat around

For a dinner or a drink in this area, very close to the 2 guest houses, there are several cafes and good paladars (private restaurants) or public restaurants that we recommend:

  • Notre Dame des bijoux, 2 min. from Alta Mar and 5 min. from El Mirador, Gervasio 218 entre Concordia y Virtudes (10 – 15 Cuc)
  • Casa Miglis, 2 min. from El Mirador and 5 min from Alta Mar, Lealtad Street n°120, between Lagunas and Animas Streets (20 – 25 Cuc)
  • La Guarida, 5 min. from both guest houses, Concordia street n°418 between Gervasio street et Escobar street(20 – 25 Cuc)
  • San Cristóbal, 15 min. from both guest houses, San Rafael Street n°469, between Lealtad and Campanario Streets (20 – 25 Cuc)
  • Sociedad Asturiana Castropol, facing the sea, 10 min. from El Mirador and 15 min. from Alta Mar, Malecón Avenue n°107, between  Genios and Crespo Streets (pizza 3 – 6 Cuc, dishes 10 – 15 Cuc)

The beach of Santa Maria del Mar is only 20 minutes away from the 2 guest houses at the East of Habana City.

Leisure activities at less than 20 km:

  • Snorkelling
  • Scuba diving
  • Banana boat
  • Water skiing
  • Sailing
  • Sand yachting
  • Boat trips
  • Fishing

Attractions and relaxation:

  • Bars, pubs (Bar La Abadia – Malecón N°410, between Campanario and Manrique at 2 min. from El Mirador and 5 min. from Alta Mar)
  • Discotheques
  • Restaurants
  • Cabarets (Tropicana)
  • Cinema
  • Karaoke
  • Parks and gardens
  • Recreational park
  • Zoo
  • Dolphinarium
  • Exhibition centers
  • Art galleries
  • Historical sites
  • Museums
  • Theaters
  • Opera house
  • Festivals
  • Antiques & brocante